Food Flow Thought

Nutrition & Yoga for Food & Body Image Healing

Do you constantly think or worry about food or your body?

Do you struggle with food cravings or emotional eating?

Do you want to feel more worthy ?

Make PEACE with food
Let your body be your HOME
Learn to RENOURISH your being

Hello, I am Rachel

[Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Counselor, Yoga Teacher]

I specialize in eating disorders (binge eating, restrictive subtypes). I believe all bodies come in diverse body shapes & sizes and am an advocate of Health at Every Size.

Through Yoga Philosophy & Intuitive Eating I guide busy & on the go millennials to connect back to your body wisdom to improve your relationship with food and your body.   More About Me >>

Work with me to help you manage & be more present with your health & wellness through a balance of intuitive eating, mindful movement & discover the process of body image healing while feeling good in your bodies without guilt.

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