Registered Dietitians and Registered Nutritionists are protected professional titles in Alberta.

They hold a degree from an accredited university and undergo specific training as nutrition and food experts to help translate scientific, medical and nutrition information into practical, individualized therapeutic goals for change.

Many health insurance providers cover the cost of services from a Registered Dietitian in extended health care packages (usually found under the paramedical services). Contact your provider to ask about coverage details.

Dietitian services may be tax deductible if claimed under health care expenses on your income tax return.

My services will help if you are:

- Tired of dieting and feeling low in energy.
- Wanting to focus more on whats important in your life other than food and body thoughts.
- Feeling deprived and often feeling bad and guilty when eating certain foods.
- Experienced several weight loss and gain fluctuations.
- Struggling in feeling comfortable in your body or body size.
- Having fears in keeping certain foods in the house to avoid eating too much.
- Often skipping meals which may lead to overeating at night or constant snacking throughout the day & never truly feeling hungry. 
- Feeling more skilled in understanding your body’s hunger and fullness cues.
- Wanting to change your relationship with food and your body.

We may not be a good fit if you're:

- Just looking for a meal plan.
- Measure of success is limited to the number on the scale.
- Happy with your current eating habits and lifestyle and do not plan on making significant changes.

*Online Counselling at Food Flow Thought is only available to all Canadian provinces except Ontario & British Columbia. 

Benefits to online counselling include the convenience of speaking to a Registered Dietitian professional from the comfort of their home, especially if such resources do not exist in their community. 

Some risks associated with online counselling include:

  •  Therapeutic Limitations – Online communication may create potential misunderstanding when visual cues are absent. A routine review to whether online counselling is in your best interest is also completed as in-person  counseling maybe more beneficial.
  • Technology Limitations – with any technological service there is always risk of equipment failure, time delays, poor internet speed, etc. There is also the risk of information be transmitted when not intended. See Food Flow Thought Policies for more detailed information .
  •  Confidentiality Limitations – There are added confidentiality limitations due to risk of being discovered by possible hackers. These limits are further discussed in Food Flow Thought Policies and further discussed before consenting to services.

Resources for finding an in-person Registered Dietitians in Canada:

Intuitive Eating is an evidence based approach about trusting your inner body wisdom to make choices around food that feel good in your body. It consists of ten principles created by two dietitians, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch.

Learn more about Intuitive Eating here.

Yoga has many definitions due its to complex history. In summary it may be defined as a practice of various techniques (movement, breathing, study, meditation, etc. ) or lineages to find connection to self and life.

Yoga allows us to be more aware of ourselves, potentials and feel connected.  A process of self-discovery which may lead to self-mastery and self-value.

Finding the yoga practice that works for you has as much to do with the individual teacher as it does the style he or she teaches. Next time you go to class, tune in to your inner voice and see if you notice and feel these key elements of a well-taught class:

  • You feel safe and supported. Class warms up at an appropriate pace, and the teacher has clear command of the room, acknowledging new students.
  • You can hear and understand the teacher’s instructions.
  • The teacher customizes his or her teachings to the ability and skill level of the students present, despite the class description or level.
  • The teacher respects and honors your physical limitations, but can also help you move outside your comfort zone in a safe, beneficial way.
  • The teacher addresses everyone, from the most adept practitioner to a new student.
  • You can approach the teacher, and are able to ask questions and share concerns during or after class. 
  • You feel inspired, either during or after class—or, better yet, both!

Health at Every Size is a health movement that celebrates the diversity of all bodies and supports individuals to improve health by focusing on healthy behaviours.

This includes respect for all body shapes and sizes, challenges cultural norms and scientific assumptions, and encourages self compassionate care.

As a weight-inclusive, non-diet dietitian, I do not focus on intentional weight loss or diets.  

Your body weight may decrease, increase, or stay the same. 

A non-diet weight neutral approach means that we are working towards building trust in our bodies. By fueling our bodies consistently and respecting hunger and fullness cues, most of the time, our bodies will follow your personal best weight.

Focusing on weight loss is associated with harmful outcomes like disordered eating and weight cycling (binge-restrict cycle of deprivation and guilt) that harms are relationship with food.

This work will include challenging common diet rules and cultural norms.

Body image healing involves cultivating trust and respect for your present here-and-now body. The struggle of diet culture is the focus on only weight loss to make you feel more comfortable. But instead it takes you out of your body and leads to guilt and shame with your body size or shape.  The focus on weight loss lead you into the diet-binge cycle where you continue to harm your being.

Healing may include learning to develop appreciation and kindness towards the bodies that we currently have.

Values are not goals in that you never “accomplish” a value

The term values refers to activities that gives your life meaning. When you connect and understand with your values, you are able move our lives in meaningful directions.

Your values are very individual and are not based around what others expect of you, or what you think you should be doing. The work we do will involve exploring your own values.


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