Detox & Cleanses

Trends of diet culture includes detoxing and cleansing. Lets talk about the truth about these practices and why you may think twice.

Have you tried them before?


Detox and cleansing routines vary widely. They could include:
1. Fasting while drinking only water, lemon juice, maple syrup, etc.
2. Replacing all foods instead with fruit and vegetable juicing.
3. Following a restricted list of foods and taking a wide range of supplements, shakes or laxatives.
4. Radical regimes like colon irrigations similar to an enema.

Unfortunately, there is no decent evidence to suggest these products are doing anything. Some may actually leave you feeling fatigue due to its restrictive intake and low calories. Some may also be dangerous due to the poor regulations on certain natural health products. Colonic irrigations done improperly can also seriously injure the large intestine and create an imbalance in the gut of good and bad bacteria.

Luckily as humans, we have incredible important organs that help do the job of detoxing that won’t be draining your wallet.


1. KIDNEYS automatically cleanses your blood daily by clearing toxins and making you urinate them out. Help your body by being well hydrated to help this process.

2. LUNGS cleanse the body when we inhale oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide. 

3. SKIN. Our skin is one of your largest organs in the body. How does it work? it produces SWEAT. Do some activity but remember to stay well hydrated.

4. DIGESTIVE TRACT. The digestive tract starts from your gums to your bum and is nearly 20 meters long. Its job is to absorb nutrients you need from what you eat, and get rid of the waste. Yes, pooping is good for you and to help your body do it regularly drink some water, get in some fibre-rich foods like whole grains, veggies and fruit .

5. LIVER. Your liver is working hard to filter out toxins and which then is filter to the kidneys for you to go pee. Protect your liver function. Things that can harm the liver is drugs & alcohol use, and some chronic conditions.

Could there be some benefits of cleansing?

  1. Many detox programs encourage eating nourishing foods such as fruits, vegetables, fiber foods, good hydration and less processed foods which may improve your digestive health and long-term changes.
  2. Detox fasting in many cultures may play a role in feeling closer to one’s spirituality or challenge one’s thoughts leading to awareness and acceptance. This varies in many cultures and religions.
  3. Some may view short term weight loss as a benefit on a detox or cleanse. Unfortunately, 95% of diets eventually fail and is a high predictor for future weight gain and poor relationship with your food and body. Taking laxatives and herbal laxative products can falsely make it seem like you have lost weight because of dehydration and water loss.

Bottom line

Skip the use of herbal laxatives, enemas, and syrup and saltwater solutions, as these are not proven methods to remove toxins from the body and they are just unpleasant. Find long term changes and seek supports with your journey.


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