Inside Out Live Masterclass (FREE)

Do feel like your eating is out of control?
Do you spend a lot of time worrying what other people think of your appearance?
Do you want a kinder relationship with you and your body?
If so, this one day class is for you!
You will learn to:
  • Recognize your food and body image fears 
  • Connect your bodies resources in managing your eating
  • Grab 3 tools to get started in managing your meal times
  • BONUS: receive a FREE personalized 15 minute Support Call with Rachel a certified intuitive eating nutritionist and yoga instructor. She specializes in mindfulness, food freedom, eating disorders, body image healing. Learn more here.


  • WHENThursday -April 22, 2021 @ 8:00-9:00 PM MST
  • WHERE: via Zoom (link to be emailed)
    Follow for more tips here: @Foodflowthought

How it Works:

1. Sign up to receive your workbook & save the date!

2.  Join live for a 60 Minute Live on April 22 or watch the replay

3. Take away a strategy to practice.

4. Learn more about the 4 -Week Hello Yoga Class Series to continue learning tools for your healing journey.

  • My goal is to help you keep accountable & make steps towards change. So make sure you block off the time.
    One to One Support – After the workshop book your Free 15 Minute Support Call to discuss your goals and next steps!


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