Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Healing your relationship with food and body is a different journey for each person. Together we will approach a deeper understanding of yourself by connecting to your unique food and body story to ultimately help you better take care of yourself and meet your goals.

Services are offered across Canada excluding BC, Ontario & PEI at this time.



Book your FREE 15 Minute Meet and Greet Call Today


FREE 15 Minute Meet & Greet Call

If you are curious about healing relationship with your food and body, let’s connect on a free 15-minute Meet & Greet Call. I will gladly answer all of your questions during our call, and we will discover the best way I can support you going forward.


My Approach

I listen to your individual journey  and offer approaches that work best for your lifestyle. This includes ideas to improve your health related nutritional needs, meal ideas and practices that help tune into your body’s cues & sensations. This work is challenging and includes work against  our environmental influences like diet culture. Some tools we will work on :

  • Nutrition Education
  • Human Physiology & Anatomy
  • Mindfulness & Mindful eating
  • Mind-Body Approaches (mindful movement)
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Self Compassion & Curiosity

Learn to mindfully respond to your concerns and make changes to your learned habits. 

Initial Nutrition Consult - 75 Minutes ($190)

In our first visit we complete a comprehensive review of your goals, food and body story and understand your lifestyle. We will also discuss a road map for your unique needs. 

Follow Up Consult 30-50 minutes ($75-135)

Flexible follow up times will allow us to customize your progress and needs. In these appointments we focus on your changes and continue building a tool box for your healing journey. 

Equitable packages available (2-6 months)

Book your free meet & greet to learn more about nutrition counseling packages. 

Many health insurance providers cover the cost of services from a Registered Dietitian in extended health care packages (usually found under the paramedical services). Contact your provider to ask about coverage details.

Dietitian services may be tax deductible if claimed under health care expenses on your income tax return.

Monthly Self Compassion Yoga Workshop