The most powerful gift of yoga is to reconnect with ourselves.

Yoga is a process of reconnection and awareness.  When we become more aware in our lives, we  have more choice and freedom. The practice invites gentle curiosity  to explore our choices and freedoms to build confidence  in trusting ourselves and  learning to create new boundaries to take care of ourselves. With this trust, we connect to new or renewed sense of “Self”.

Yoga practice stimulates neuroplasticity, which creates and/or deepens new and/or healthier neural pathways. Yoga also reduces the tendency to revisit and reinforce the existing, problematic neural pathways

Hello Yoga - 4 Week Virtual Body Appreciation Yoga

This 4-week virtual yoga class series invites you to connect  with your body through movement and breath. With gentle curiosity, we will slowly flow through yoga poses to help settle our minds and find appreciation towards our bodies. Some topics we will cover includes: connecting to breath and presence, grounding to our nervous system, being intentional and connecting with the sensations of the body. Each class will include a journaling activity.

This special class series, led by Rachel Tu, 500hr yoga teacher from a trauma informed approach

Thursday from 8:30 to 9:30 PM MST on 
March 4, March 11, March 18, March 25
(monthly group, next date TBA April 2021)

HOW: live VIA Zoom

You are welcome to practice with your camera on or off.
The yoga classes will not be recorded and are taught from a trauma informed and mental health perspective. All are welcome. No prior yoga experience required.

Tuition: $60  

Email for questions or other payment options